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Time flies..... Timeless Luxury Stays.....

Real estate isn’t considered luxury just because it’s expensive. It must also be unique, exclusive, and perceived as superior. The definition of a dream house will be different for different people. Whether you’re interested now or thinking about future investments, here are some key features of luxury real estate that define Luxury as:

  • TECHNOLOGICALLY COMPETENT with Smart Homes Features where automation is the key word. A security system accessible via the app, Energy-efficient homes, curtains that operate on sunlight, smart lighting and sound homes, climate-control homes, homes with smart toilets — all of these have become a thing of the present.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION with a stylish and ornate architecture, design and technology. A high-quality, long-lasting building materials finished with an elegant touch.
  • LOCATION – A coveted, pricey and aspirational location with development options that are within walking distance like offices, shopping and restaurants.
  • A LUXURY NEIGHBOURHOOD in a gated community invites the attention of the choicest few.
  • TREND-SETTER, one of it’s kind, Iconic – Lavish interiors designed by a renowned architect, the landscape, the kitchen or amenities such as pools, fitness centres and entertainment zones — each of these should be a trendsetter in itself. Similarly, homes with gazebos, outhouse, or an outdoor leisure space are a rarity and hence, the price.
  • SURREAL VIEW FROM PROPERTY – Luxury apartments are designed with open-viewing areas and huge balconies .
  • HIGH END KITCHENS – A spacious kitchen with top-class appliances is all a chef wants.
  • LAVISH PROPERTY AMENITIES – Luxury homes aim to provide you a charmed and resort life. Some of these include a concierge, gym with massage areas and spas and cigar rooms with circulating fresh air., infinity pool, mini theatres with top video and sound, sitting plazas, walking tracks, safe play area for kids, and more.
  • ENTERTAINMENT AT HOME – An entertainment zone that is equipped with a home theatre and a personal gaming zone is the new addition to a luxury home.
  • FITNESS FIRST – Most of the luxury properties come equipped with a personal gym. The wealthy would prefer to sweat at the comfort of their home rather than in other gyms where they would have to share machines.
  • PRIVACY – An increasing desire for privacy, particularly for high-profile and celebrity buyers of luxury homes like a personal elevator that open to the foyer of an opulent home, an expansive owner’s suite with an extension of a walk-in closet that is well-equipped with ample lighting, ceiling-to-floor mirrors, and best-in-class wooden wardrobes that lets you display all your expensive designer clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • SECURITY – Many luxury apartments have in-built home security features like smart locks, CCTV cameras, safety alarms for fire, floods, or break-ins as well as strong security at the entrance of the property.
  • CONSCIOUS LIVING – Luxury-home buyers are looking for houses that are energy-efficient as well as environmentally conscious in construction and amenities.
  • EXPERIENTIAL – Today’s new wealthy consumers are more informed, more globally exposed and sophisticated… “less materialistic and more experiential,” Hence p preference for exponential luxury features such as a meditation garden or an outdoor shower.
  • TURNKEY-READY – or “just bring your toothbrush” property.
  • A BLANK CANVAS – more ultra-affluent buyers wish to build their own trophy homes from scratch.
  • UNDERSTATED – Luxury is no longer about brash displays of wealth but a more restrained expression of tasteful understatement. Quality of amenities and lifestyle offerings are becoming more important to affluent buyers than the size of a home.

                                                                                                                       …..make Luxury a Priority


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